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Living Life to the full & enjoying Englands water ways, today's boating experiences provide effective ways to achieve enjoying your life off grid more easily all year round, floating on the water is being perfected in so many countries, with so many ingenious ideas today to make living on the water an even more enjoyable experience with a higher quality of life in a 5 star ***** environment, developments in achieving a more sustainable lifestyle by living & working with what mother nature has to offer with less impact on the environment, this life is so much more attainable on a considerably smaller budget than land with the forever rising cost of property prices & utilities, so now a much more affordable option for the many who want to build the dream home at the waters edge, millionaire views with the added bonus you can move & moor anywhere any day for a different perspective? Floating Homes & Floating Tiny Mansions living may offer rewards far greater than you ever thought possible.


Dreams are not just for dreaming...

Fixed long term affordable leases available for peace of mind to provide long term security for a life on water

for whatever your dream is.....

Tiny Mansions Tewkesbury Gloucester
House boat
Freedom & Free Living
Water lodge house boat
Relaxing by the Water 1
Feeling Spiritually Connected
Floating homes
Floating homes interior Tewkesbury
Grain barge floating home
Dutch barge
River Avon Tewkesbury
River living
House boats x3avon slippers x 2 final 1.jpg
house boat 2.
More Peace & Quiet
Enlightened Living
Creative Arts
Explore Nature
Swans & nature River Avon
Sup boards Hire River Avon
Sunset Kayaks
Sailing on the River Severn & River Avon
Rise everyday with new Challenges
Happy days out 1
Happy days out
Simplicity enjoying a simple Off Grid Sustainable & Renewable lifestyle...Design your own life around your own ideal living space, connected & inspired by nature...

The Waterways.. 

Catch the blue wave & don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime on the water. 

There are so many different types of boats, houseboats & barges for sale, so many new choices & styles coming on the market, with many parts of the world now focused on expanding this exciting new wave of blue field living that incorporates modern technology, providing long lasting recyclable methods to enjoy the worlds waterways & oceans, so an array of blossoming environmental alternatives offering a far better quality of life, floating builds that have far less impact on the environment than land can offer & far more affordable! offering a sustainable way of living too, so many benefits to all inhabitants on the planet looking for a better quality of life, living a life on water.

Boating is the easiest way to achieve Off Grid Living

with so many Amazing benefits:

  • Freedom, Not fixed in one place, sail off for some peace & quiet away from it all.

  • Boosting mental health

  • Improving physical health

  • Less impact on the environment 

  • Connected to water for enjoying water sports, sailing, sups, canoeing, fishing & more all on your doorstep.

  • Close to natures Inspiring environment

  • Far lower cost of living


Now imagine a new movement not focused on profit, just a good quality of life. 

Living off grid with no standard connection charges? once you have the modern technology installed you now enjoy a life living off free power? that is more environmentally friendly, where even when you upgrade or replace the long term recyclables the cost of living is substantially lower, with the technology becoming more & more efficient & living on land only offers spiralling costs, going green with blue benefits is the only way to go for a brighter future.

New Outstanding Environmentally Friendly Off Grid Systems that now offer so many affordable options:

  • Mobile phones with 4G /5G wireless connection

  • FREE Solar power

  • FREE Wind Power

  • Water treatment filtration systems for fresh drinking water on tap & cleaner than the mains water. (FREE)

  • Power storage & back up systems

  • Modern composting toilets with no smell designed in as standard & better for the environment 

  • Environmentally friendly black & grey water systems      

Dreams are not just for dreaming...

      Start living at one with nature?

             Reinvent yourself & retire from the rat race?

                  Enjoy your life every single day...

Sup hire River Avon
Yoga on water
 Enjoy The Benefits of Living in the Natural Environment
Right on your doorstep...

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