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The Wow factor


Tewkesbury Towns historical waterway has always been important to the towns successes over the centuries, the town quays playing an important part for industry & leisure, new improvements come by investment & passion for positive change, How do we further improve the Wow factor for those enjoying & visiting this quaint medieval Cotswold market town, The challenge is to offer the complete experience like Stratford Upon Avon, Our aim is to increase investment & improve the riverside & river walk for Tewkesbury towns future generations to prosper from opportunities, help drive their passion to be involved & enjoying being a positive part of a thriving riverside environment & town



The Mission: Having Fun is Fair

The grind of life tests us all, as we all seems to be dominated & controlled by a sea of legislation....& all authorities rules bearing down on our dreams...... this is a safe space & somewhere to have fun & relax, Tewkesbury has great potential to thrive like Stratford Upon Avon on what is quintessentially a great British fun day out for all ages, Stratford Upon Avon has a floating army of historical boats from the victorians & yesteryear, William Shakespeare's designs created excitement & inspired investment on the riverside, Stratford Upon Avon now attracting 6 million+ of visitors per year, now also investing in environmentally friendly electric boats, Tewkesbury with1.8 million visitors per year & 250,000 people visiting the Cathedral is a great boast, investment in the towns visitor attractions can only increase the towns prosperity. Successful towns have riverside investment which increases our quality of life with a multitude of leisure activities for everyone to enjoy & explore two beautiful rivers.

Send us your Stories

We are looking for stories & photos of historic interest, so we can help collate as much history as possible, we are interested in Bathurst's Boat yard, Beechams boat yard & Shakespeare's Boat yard & anything showing their historical successes, we are also interested in stories of the people that worked within these industries in & around the town quays or the Healings Mill areas who inspired you to love Tewkesbury's historical waterways, we intend to add some historical information boards over the next few years.

​Here are a some photos, a few with William Shakespeare's achievements, Bathurst's boat yard, Grain barges from Healings Mill, large passenger boat trips, row boats, with some documents by the Secretary of State outlining the importance & the need to preserve the heritage of Tewkesbury Towns waterways & boatyards, protecting the commercial & leisure use of the waterways.

Historical Archives

Historical Waterway

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