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Tewkesbury, Looking For Adventures? 
& Happy Days Just Add Water



Tewkesbury Towns Waerway's... 

Daily & Overnight Mooring, Hourly & Daily Boat Hire, Tewkesbury Trip Boats to venture on with spectacular views of Tewkesbury Town's Waterfalls... private charter for Trips to Upton on Severn & Worcester coming in 2024, Watering Flowers floating coffee garden for cream teas & ice cream to reflect on at the waters edge...

Funs fair for the whole family: Looking to Create Happy Memories? Add some Love to your day by visiting Tewkesbury, explore great British rivers, Shakespeares River Avon, The Mill & Old Avon connecting to the River Severn, Here's a day out for the whole family! Be brave! Be bold! Much Fun & screams of laughter, then follow all the twists & turns that the mysteries of these rivers offer? Test your psyche & tease all the families imaginations by exploring natures naturally amazing spaces! Tewkesbury is rich in history so don't forget to add the pictures to your Social Media especially when you find all the waterfalls... when your on The MOV......

The slipper launch
Day out on the river.jpg.

Explore The Wa†erways

Charter for the day or Hire by the hour, Open boats & power boats for all budgets in 2024 to explore three stretches of river that boldly enter & leave Tewkesbury Town, Family Adventures or Lovers out to impress! Being out on the water leads to finding nature provides the best outdoor spaces, for all hearts & minds to enjoy, new explorations or simply find a spot & relax? The choices are all yours as to what you discover? 

Historic & Classic Boa†s

River Avon punt

There are many wonderful sights on offer, there's nowhere else quite like Shakespeares Avon with Tewkesbury town so steeped in history, The only dilemma here is which way to go? Several Weirs provide the Waterfalls, The Mill Avon & the Old Avon...... look at the river from a new perspective travelling along the river......

Classic 50's, 60's, 70's & 80's 

Relax & Rewind there is nothing like nostalgia to bring back the memories, experience the by gone era's of yesteryear, New family memories are still there to be enjoyed! A bit of history is in the making, This time you're making it..........

Boat fun.jpg.
Classic Boat hire
Classic Boat hire
Classic Boat Hire
Classic boat .jpg.

The Merchan†s Of Venice

William Shakespeare may well have been inspired when visiting family in Tewkesbury & watching the merchant traders landing their wooden ships entering Tewkesbury's vibrant Inland shipping Port or Towns Quay, A hive of activity for traders, Confirmation that William Shakespeare visited family here is documented, Could this beautiful town & river have inspired Shakespeare’s creative genius too? whilst wetting his whistle as he sipped & trialed an old Mead, ale or beer at Ye Olde Black Bear public house back in year 1599?

Listening to tales from incoming sailors & their exotic stories of Venice & other trading ports? A place where he let his imagination run wild as he contemplated his position, reflecting on the Old Avon, The Mill Avon & the River Severn? Gazing at the the towns quay pictured here or taking in King Johns Bridge but that's another Play on words.......he ponders the tales he has heard, inspiring ideas for The Merchant of Venice...

History of Tewkesbury Town Tall Ships

Safe Fun for all the Family, Couples, Singles & even Mans Best friend,

Bring a hamper or get pampered & dine out!

The choice is all yours............

New Life Adventures Start Here

Make †he Mos† of your Days
Ferry-Lady Tewkesbury.
Boat hire open boat.
Boat hire the mov
Thames skiff hire
Tewkesbury River Avon
Tewkesbury River Avon
Large Avon lock

Lots of Parking In Tewkesbury Town less than a 5 minute walk to the Rivers & The Merchants of Venice......

Car Parking:

Tewkesbury Borough Council operates several car parks in Tewkesbury:

St Mary's Lane car park,Saint Mary's Lane,Tewkesbury, GL20 5RU. (38)

Bishops Walk Carpark Oldbury Road,Tewkesbury. GL20 5LQ. (41)
Rails Meadow, GL20 5PY (127 spaces) (liable to flooding)
Spring Gardens, GL20 5DN (286 spaces) (with toilets)
St Mary’s Lane, GL20 5SL (45 spaces)

Vineyards car park,Gander Lane,Tewkesbury. GL20 5PG. (125)

Oldbury Road, GL20 5LR (96 spaces)
More further details of parking including charges visit the TBC website

King Johns Island Moorings, Tewkesbury, Gloucester GL20 6EG
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